With summer in full swing, it’s more important than ever to have sun safety top of mind and it’s when most of you remember to reach for sunscreen. Why do we need to use sunscreen in the first place? Did you know that 10 Kiwis are diagnosed with skin cancer every hour due to UV exposure and that >90% of premature ageing is due to sun exposure. This is so easily preventable with the correct use of sunscreen.

When scrolling online or scanning the supermarket aisle, there’s no question that choosing a sunscreen can be pretty confusing. Reading a sunscreen label shouldn’t feel like you are deciphering The Da Vinci Code. I guess if you’re like most people you just grab the bottle with the highest SPF. The higher the number the better, right?

In today’s episode I’ll help you decode what the labels actually mean. So you can spend less time debating between brands, and more time actually enjoying the summer. I’ll explain the most common words and phrases found on sunscreens so you can approach the shelves (or the websites) with the confidence that you’re getting what you want and need, whether that’s a formula that won’t irritate your skin, one that won’t harm the environment, one that won’t budge when you sweat, or all of the above — you’ll be a master of sunscreen labels.

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