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Facial Ageing Through The Decades – 50s, 60s, 70s & Beyond

On this Episode Dr K ventures into the changes that occurs in your 50s 60s 70s and beyond. While 50 can sound daunting its really a privilege to reach half century. Find out how your bone, muscles, fat, and skin change during these years with the common concerns that happens and what you can do to stay ahead of these changes.

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Facial Ageing Through The Decades – 30s & 40s

Join Dr K for the second episode in this 3 part Launch Series on Facial Ageing Through The Decades. The complexities of the changes that occur in the human face vary depending on your genetics, skin colour and your lifestyle. Key structures in the layered arrangement of the face include muscle, fat, bone & skin. Ageing occurs in all these structures but the onset and the speed of age-related changes differ between each specific structure, between each individual, and between different ethnic groups.

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Ageing Through the Decades

Facial Ageing Through The Decades – Teens & Twenties

Yes it’s finally here. Welcome to episode of 1 MITM. In this 3 part launch series of medicine in the mirror, I will try to answer some of these questions and take you on the facial ageing journey through each decade discussing common concerns and what you can do to stay on top of these changes. Facial ageing and what to do about it has always been and remains a complex elusive topic.