Hi, I’m Dr Kirshni Appanna

Otherwise known as Dr K

I’d love you to join me as I host my new podcast Medicine in the Mirror.

I’m a South African born Kiwi of Indian decent and yip I know that sounds pretty confusing! … I don’t fit any mold.

I grew up at the height of apartheid when all the beauty standards seen in the media were never a reflection of this brown eyed brown skinned blacked haired girl. It’s this beginning that led me to want to share my story and journey with you, as I navigate the world of beauty as a cosmetic doctor and specialist GP with over 20 years experience.

I firmly believe that outer beauty is a mere reflection of inner health.

Being Healthly doesn’t just mean that you don’t have an illness – it is really state of complete physical, mental and social well-being!

When you’re healthy, your skin’s healthy, and being as healthy as you can right now is more important than ever!

Feeling beautiful is a feeling of confidence that you project when your mind, body and spirit are all aligned.

Join me as I explore the exciting world of cosmetic medicine. I’ll cover all aspects of health, wellness, fitness, beauty & fashion based on my own experience and expertise, as well as through conversations with leading health experts, to help you nourish your mind body and soul and low how you look.

Get the inside scoop on skin care, injectables, lasers, gut health, nutrition, sexual health wellbeing and more. As well as the latest tips and tricks on how to get that glowing skin you’ve always wanted.

My wish is for you to look into the mirror and develop an appreciation for your own form of beauty. I hope to empower you with the tools to reset your journey of being beautiful on the inside and out, and help you live your best reflection.

What makes you different makes you beautiful